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Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT 115307

My strength based approach to working with families, couples, and children allows for a safe space for processing difficult transitions. I work with the whole person and support self-discovery in identifying barriers preventing healing and growth. My background experience and holistic approach to care will support those searching for personal identity, increased self-esteem, and resolving internal conflict. Issues of anxiety, depression, and attachment are addressed through person centered therapeutic approach.
The experience I have working closely with the legal and family court setting allow for a better understanding of how to provide support.

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Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT 131178

I strongly believe that reaching out for support is one of the bravest acts a person can do for themselves. All of us at times in our lives need someone to understand, care, and support us in taking those first steps towards healing and well-being. I use a compassionate and non-judgmental approach to therapy, while providing a warm space to support your needs and concerns.

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Marriage & Family Therapist Associate,  AMFT
Associate Professional Clinical Counselor, APCC

My goal as your therapist is to walk alongside you and support you. I understand that you may be feeling overwhelmed with what life has sent your way. When stress or doubt impair you, the ability to move forward can become simply overwhelming. My background and training have allowed a comfort level in my approach to addiction, severe diagnosis, and trauma. I treat the whole person, working together to resolve and increase daily satisfaction. We will collaborate to identify the skills needed for you to grow.

Meet Your Therapists: About Me


Marriage & Family Therapist MA, LMFT 139369

I can help you respond better to thoughts, feelings, and situations that trigger you and lead you to behave in old, automatic, self-defeating ways. I provide a safe space with an open mind and empathy. I enjoy using CBT, DBT, Mindfulness and Solution Focused Therapy.

Meet Your Therapists: About Me


Marriage & Family Therapist Associate, MA, AMFT

I am passionate about the post-modern/feminist approach to therapy. This approach helps deconstruct common beliefs and examines the value in an individual’s life. The relationship between the client and the therapist is highly collaborative; rather, you are the expert of your own life. This collaboration and exploration of one’s story.

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Associate Professional Clinical Counselor, MS, APCC

Therapy is self-care, self-care is not selfish! Accessing support when you feel "stuck" is adaptive. It's ok to ask for support! My therapeutic practice is to utilize EMDR techniques to reprocess difficult memories that keep the mind racing, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and stuck. Together we can work to rewire negative neurological pathways to create more flexible, resilient and empowered thought process. Anxiety, depression, and addictions can be several symptoms of trauma stored in the body.

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Associate Professional Clinical Counselor, MS, APCC

The last few years have been difficult. Some have found their way towards stability and happiness, others still struggle and feel lost. Although this is a very challenging time for the world, I feel optimistic that as a society, we have been given the opportunity to re-evaluate the trajectory of our lives and to discover what brings us meaning and joy again. As a Therapist trained in CBT, ACT, Behavioral Intervention, and Existential Therapy, I have successfully partnered with many clients who felt lost, anxious, and unable to cope with the changes life has thrust upon them.

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Associate Clinical Social Worker, MSW

My objective is to help people gain insight and live with more intention. I specialize in early childhood, family systems and couples. I work with individuals to support better function within the complex systems of family and society. I am passionate about creating a space for not only self-discovery and self acceptance, but to allow clients to feel seen, heard, and valued. I enjoy exploring with my clients is their upbringing and how it's affected their relationships. I have extensive experience helping clients use assertive communication to set boundaries in their relationships.

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Marriage & Family Therapist Associate, MA, AMFT

Sometimes in life, we face problems or setbacks that impede our
relationships, identity, self-esteem, and even aspirations. I believe that through therapy, we can develop ways to achieve life goals and improve one’s overall life satisfaction. I work dynamically and collaboratively to explore inner thoughts and feelings to bring positive changes and meaning to one’s life. I utilize personal strengths to help build inner resources/skills to cope with daily life stressors, relationship problems, trauma, anxiety, depression, and other concerns.

Meet Your Therapists: About Me
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