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10 Days of Couples Activities

10 Days of Couples Activities to Foster Closeness

Day 1:

Nice text messages throughout the day expressing your appreciation (between 3-5 texts)

Day 2:

Be purposeful with your physical contact, each time you are around one another make physical contact. This could be a hug, kiss, touch on the arm or lower back ect.

Day 3:

Do one thing for your partner that you know they will appreciate. Start the coffee, empty the dishwasher, back rub, make dinner, put their personal items away for them, pick up dinner, give them some alone time, let them pick out the show for the night, making them lunch for tomorrow.

Day 4:

Pick something up for your partner today. This should be something small, easy to pick up, and Thoughtful. Picking up coffee in the morning before work, bringing home a favorite dessert, flowers, potted plant, coffee cup, favorite snack, socks (literally whatever)

Day 5:

Write your partner one happy memory of your relationship and send it over text or email. Be sure to add how they made you feel, what your loved about the memory and how much you apricate this memory and why.

Day 6:

Compliment your partner four times today. The areas of compliment need to be personality, parenting, what your love about them as your partner, and work ethic. Make a point of be specific with the compliment. Accept the compliment with a thank you and do not return the favor with your compliment to them. These can be given in text, in person or on paper as a note.

Day 7:

Make a plan for a date, pick a day, details for the date including a sitter. This can be a night for dinner, an overnight, an activity like the lake, going on a hike, shopping together, couples massage, farmers market and coffee. Share your date plan with each other and make them happen.

Day 8:

Give each other a back rub, foot rub, shoulder rub. Do not put this off even if you only get to do this for a few minutes each. You can take five minutes in the morning for one person and five minutes at night for the other. Making each other a priority is the purpose not the desire or need for a rub.

Day 9:

Plan an alone day for your partner. Let them know that you love them by giving them 5-8 hours of alone time to do as they please. In every relationship we need our own space without feeling of guilt attached. Ask your partner to pick a day that they want to plan something for themselves, all you must do is make sure it happens by making plans to not be around.

Day 10:

Make dinner together. Plan a dinner that will be fun to make together like pizza from scratch. Do the whole activity together (even as a family) and make it fun. Do not think of the outcome (let go of control), do not worry about the mess (tag team the mess together at the end), and only think of how to make the whole experience a way to connect with your partner.


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