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20 Simple Mood Boosting Activities

We all get low sometimes and often don't have the energy for big activies. Here is a simple list with proven mood enhacing activies.

Perform some yoga. There are a tone of free yoga videos online check this one out!

Take a walk. Getting outside can be very mood boosting, but if you are stuck in doors do a simple lap around your space!

Stretching is a great way to get blood moving and your mind refocused.

Dance! Put on some music and get dancing

Write in your journal. Easy to find prompts online if you are having trouble coming up with what to write, check this awesome prompt out here.

Make one snack or meal for yourself.

Meditation is important, and great for lowing stress and increasing positive feelings

Read or listen to a book. Getting lost in another world for a bit can help our minds calm and mood improve.

Listen to your favorite podcast. Explore some funny or educational podcast here!

Repeat three positive affirmations out loud. Hearing yourself speak positive words has a profound effect on mood and self-esteem.

Take a shower or bath. Self-care often goes to the way side when low mood hits, simple tasks like hair brushing or face washing can do the trick too if you are not up for a shower!

Get dressed. This simple task can often send a signal to the brain the a change is happening and a mood shift is in order.

Talk to one friend or family member. You can send a text, comment on a post or do a video call!

Drink enough water! Not being hydrated can have a big impact on mood

Take a nap, sleep is a great way to recover and give our minds a rest. Sleep is an important ingredient in positive mood maintenance.

Water your plants or complete another small home task. If you do not have any plants yet go get yourself a little potted pal. Taking care of things around your home can make you feel less low as well!

Deep breathing is a great way to recenter and ground yourself when feeling off.

Create a vision board. This is a fun task and can help when feeling stuck or down, I like the idea of creating a virtual vision board on Pinterest.

Aroma therapy! Bust out your diffuser or even use some diffuser jewelry like these here.

Make some art! Bust out your paints, pens and paper and get creative to boost mood and feel good!

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